Cooking Classes

Fi Greig has a passion for educating others with her knowledge of food and flavour. She emphases the need to cook and create with real, whole foods that are grown locally, when possible. She cares about the health of people and the environment in which we live. Through these cooking classes people are taught how to make wholesome food that packs serious flavour. After eating one of Fi's meals you are left both satisfied and inspired. By encouraging people back into the kitchen, Fi wants to create a community around preparing and eating meals together. A culture in which we can nourish our bodies, look after our communities and share ideas in a collaborative space. This is why the classes are designed to be a collaborative experience where you help prepare, have open conversations and then sit down and share the the meals you have created together. 

While not exclusively vegan, vegetarian or any one concept you will find a range of classes to suit everyone. From raw, vegan baking to hearty main meals. Check in to see when and where her next classes will be held.



"I loved attending every one of Fi's cooking classes. She has brought my home cooking up to another level, just knowing the right combinations and mixtures changes a recipe from being bland to simply tasty. Doing it with friends over a glass of wine topped it off. Highly Recommend". - Daphne

"Fi's cooking classes are amazing and I would highly recommend! Not only do you get the recipes which are great, but you get all Fi's personal tips and tricks - how to do things better/faster, which products are best, where she buys her spices ect. Money very well spent!" - Lizzie

"I attended a raw food class the other night - and today I made and served the macaroons we were taught to make....and everyone loved them. Thanks Fiona Greig so much. Totally loved the class and all the food. I'll be back for the next class." - Maureen

"Fi's cooking classes were amazing. My salad game went from a weak 2 to a solid 10. The fam thought I had bought the salads for Xmas day - but they were just Fi's epic recipes and teaching skills." - Kelly

"I highly recommend Fi’s cooking classes. They are great fun and the passion Fi has for food is amazing. One clever lady! I’v done 2 classes now. Enjoyed it so much I had to go back." - Rebecca

"Sitting down with a wine and watching a master in the kitchen. Can you think of any better way to enjoy a cooking class. The real life down to earth Fi has an amazing talent and we are lucky enough that she shares it. The simple yet delicious dishes I took away from the classes have been an absolute hit within my household." - Patricia